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Keeping Your Eyes Safe

Sometimes, your regular prescription eyeglasses don’t provide the ideal level of protection you need. Whether it’s during sports, at home, or at work, specialty eyewear can make a significant difference in safety and performance. 

Talking to your eye doctor about your lifestyle and vision needs is the first step you can take to protect your eyes.

Protecting Your Eyes

We’re proud to offer high-quality, custom-fitted sports, safety, and specialty eyewear to keep you protected, no matter the activity.

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A first among the safety eyewear industry, the Armourx Collection combines fashion and unique designs for safety eyewear in the workplace. Armourx was developed by one of Canada’s leading eyewear companies. With an extensive background in creating eyewear that is fashion-forward and high in quality craftsmanship, the Armourx Collection is both stylish and functional. Each frame provides standardized eye-protection for the workplace. Look stylish and feel comfortable in Armourx’s collections from Wrap-Rx and Metro to Classic, Basic, Titanium and RealTree.

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Nano Vista

Childs eyewear has to be durable and straightforward. Colours and designs that catch the attention of any young wearer are also a plus. Nanovista’s line of eyewear caters to children throughout the age range, with features like flexible hinges and strong materials standard on every pair.

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Find us in the Burlington Heights Plaza at the corner of Upper Middle Road and Guelph Line next to Ikki Sushi. If you have trouble finding us, give us a call!

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  • 1505 Guelph Line #16A
  • Burlington, ON L7P 3B6

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